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I give Pearl Physical Therapy a 5 star rating.  If it wasn’t for the good treatment I have had there,  I would not be walking today. The office well run and friendly.  Liz has been very competent and patient.  She deserves the rating.

- N.M.

I would give Alexa and the staff a top rating! I will be attending my third appointment today and so far have received excellent care and the office staff have been excellent as well. Alexa is very attentive to my concerns and helpful on what I need to do on my own to recover from my injury. I highly recommend Alexa and Pearl physical therapy.

- S.O.

Very friendly staff.  I highly recommend Justin.  He has been a great help in my therapy.

- J.D.

From the very first phone call to this office I knew I was with the best. Julie asks questions to find the best times for the patient. She remembers for future scheduling if you are a morning person or afternoons which I was amazed. The PT with Elizabeth is the best I've ever had with very satisfying results. She is up-to-date with new technology to help with faster recovery. I would never go anywhere else.

- B.H.

I highly recommend Pearl Physical Therapy! The staff are very friendly and vigilant in making sure you get your appointments.  The therapist are thorough in assessing your needs for success! They teach and reteach to make sure you can continue your workouts at home between visits and upon discharge. I love how they work directly with my insurance company to ensure I receive all the treatments that I need for success!  The facility offers a workout area so you can get moving before your appt so you are ready!  I personally work with Liz and Amanda however during warm ups I can see that all of the physical therapists are friendly, knowledgeable and caring!  I highly recommend Pearl Physical Therapy!

- S.T.

"After spending a year on the sidelines, I realized that I needed help to prevent my recurring injuries from debilitating me. All the thanks go to the team at Pearl PT, as they have expertly provided that."

- W.M.

"I have nothing but great things to say about Pearl PT. The staff, from the front desk to the therapists were friendly, experienced and professional. I’ve had PT elsewhere and was thoroughly impressed with the Pearl PT approach to my care. Not only was it very “hands on”, it was incredibly effective! In just a couple of visits, I saw noticeable results. "

- H.D.

“Physical therapy with Elizabeth Pearl has given me much more than I thought possible. Exemplary treatment, a manageable home based plan and warm and personal attention has allowed me to regain my health-and hope- after my injury. Elizabeth is my PT angel!”

- B.m.

“Elizabeth is a great motivator and coach.  She helps me do things I would not be able to do on my own.”

- Sam

“The staff at Pearl Physical Therapy not only encourages and motivates me; they also have a passion for their job. I am especially impressed by the explanations behind every exercise or modality they choose. From any age or injury, Pearl Physical Therapy is an excellent resource for full body wellness in a pleasant and fun atmosphere. ”

- G.r.

“When I went to Pearl PT, I hadn't run for 8 months and my knee hurt so much it was difficult to walk up stairs. Within a couple of months my PT got me back running pain-free, and this year I ran competitively in 3 half-marathons."

- s.m.

“MY PT @ Pearl PT has been a great motivator and coach. She helps me do things I would not be able to do on my own!"

- s.c.

“The physical therapy segment of my healing journey has been amazing! Due to illness, I experienced many types of healing challenges, of which was the lack of physical mobility was one of the most frustrating. After working closely with the Pearl Physical Therapy team with a holistic (mind, body and spirit) approach, I am able to realize a sense of accomplishment and appreciate increased mobility and stamina! "

- c.m.

"My PT set up a therapy program for me that was designed specifically for my injury, my body type, as well as for my athletic goals. No "one size fits all" approach. I'm very grateful for her expertise."

- b.m.

"Pearl Physical Therapy has the expertise to tailor the treatment to the individual needs of the patient rather than the blanket program that covers everyone. At age 80, I never thought I’d be able to return to clinical nursing just 7 weeks after my total knee replacement."

- b.P.

"When I started @ Pearl PT for my back and leg pain the exercises my PT gave me as well as the heat and manual treatment really made a difference in my life! In only four treatments the pain that I have been dealing with for over a year has improved, I feel better, am more relaxed and without the constant pain, Pearl Physical Therapy has made a difference in my life."

- MIKE, AGE 55

"I really enjoy PT @ Pearl’s. My PT was always right there with me, hands on approach – it really works I feel so much healthier and active – my clothes feel better."

- S.a.

"Pearl PT – it’s just a great place to be in you need physical therapy. Everyone is accommodating, knowledgeable and willing to go that extra step to get you on the road to recovery. "

- b.m.

"Last year Pearl PT helped me rehab after my knee replacement surgery. They not only helped my knee, she helped my other hip feel better. When I hurt my shoulder a few months ago, there was no doubt where I was going for help - Pearl Physical Therapy. "

- e.b.

"I was very skeptical about giving PT a chance again having a history of chronic pain for decades during which I tried many therapies (including ) PT as well as over the counter and prescription meds. With misgivings I decided to give PT another try. In less then 3 months Stacy has gotten me to a point where I am taking almost no OTC meds and the prescription meds are working much better. Because of Stacy's initiative, skills and her talent I have regained a positive attitude toward PT and feel much better. "


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