Student Affiliations

Pearl Physical Therapy Lifestyle Medicine happily supports universities and colleges across several states to provide mentorship and training for upcoming talented graduate students during clinical education affiliation as part of their doctoral degree and gain valuable experience and knowledge in the field.

Our dedicated providers are committed to sharing the benefits of our unique services in which we utilize advanced tools and technology as well as implementing the pillars of Lifestyle Medicine in all aspects of care.

Why choose Pearl PT Lifestyle Medicine as your affiliation site?

Our clinic site uniquely features the complete integration of Physical Therapy and Lifestyle Medicine Services. Our clinical providers focus not only on areas of discomfort and pain but also assess the client’s lifestyle habits and nutrition that may have a direct impact on their health.

Our Clinical Instructors

Our clinical instructors have a combined 37 (JSC 12, EP 25, AMC 5 years) years of clinical experience, working with students from across the northeast region and beyond! They are dedicated to helping graduate students reach their goals, whether they are initiating their clinical training or preparing for entry level physical therapy performance. Our clinicians provide an environment to support the learning objective of each individual student.

What our students have to say

"An amazing environment for students to learn and grow not only in physical therapy skills but also in confidence! There is some really advanced technology and equipment at this clinical site making it really fun to learning how to incorporate this equipment into treatment."
Kailey Roberts

Affiliated Schools

If your school is not on this list reach out to the Director of Clinical Education at your school to see how you can do a clinical rotation @ Pearl Physical Therapy Lifestyle Medicine.