Lifestyle 365

Lifestyle 365 is a comprehensive, medically prescribed exercise program, supported by state-of-the-art Technogym exercise equipment. This program is evidence-based and individualized for each participant's specific needs and goals.

What is Lifestyle 365?

Directed by a Clinical Exercise Physiologist, participants are assessed for baseline values of body composition, aerobic fitness and strength. Once onboarded into the program, participants meet with exercise staff monthly for regular check-ins, measurements to provide objective data and feedback as well as guidance to support the process of behavior modification as one of the 6 pillars of Lifestyle Medicine.

We consistently take objective measures to offer real time feedback and guidance throughout our member’s wellness journey.  These objective measures provide feedback toward progression to optimize results and efficiency.

  • Inbody Body Composition
  • VO2 Max assessment to assess aerobic fitness
  • Strength assessment of 7 major body movements (1 repetition max with isokinetic equipment)

Our Onboarding Process



A dedicated 90 minute appointment with our Exercise Physiologist to obtain baseline measures of your health, review your intake history, discuss your objectives, calibrate you to the BioCircuit Equipment.


Start Moving

A “small group” session to learn about the new gym, discuss gym etiquette and housekeeping, and execute a dry run of your medical exercise prescription. After this appointment, you’ll be able to exercise independently.


Goal Setting

A consultation appointment with your exercise physiologist to review how independent exercise has been going and establish SMART goals for your exercise program.


Monthly Metrics

A monthly touchpoint with your exercise Physiologist to review your goals, retake objective measures, and adjust your exercise program as needed.

Next Steps

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Complete ParQ (Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire)


Submit Medical Clearance to your provider to complete

Our fax number is on bottom for them to return to us directly once completed by provider. Once we receive completed Medical Clearance from your provider, we call you directly to schedule your 3 onboarding appointments which are outlined below.
Medical Clearance Form

Once Medical Clearance is received, our team will call you to schedule

Once we receive completed Medical Clearance from your provider, we call you directly to schedule your 3 onboarding appointments which are outlined below.

90-minute FOUNDATION appointment
  • InBody
  • Vo2
  • Strength
  • Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, Pulse Oxygen
  • Consult to review results
  • Review intake history
  • Discuss your objectives etc.
60-min START-MOVING appointment (within 1-2 days of Foundation appointment)
  • "Small Group" session
  • Learn all about the new gym, flow of things, housekeeping and execution of your MEDICAL EXERCISE PRESCRIPTION
  • After this appointment, you'll be able to exercise independently
30-min SMART GOAL appointment
  • Consult appointment to review how things are going
  • Establish objective, measurable and reasonable goals for your exercise program

If you do not hear from us in 7 days, please reach out your doctors office and request a signed and completed medical clearance from your provider so that you can get started your wellness journey to better health.

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