Sports Medicine Rehab

Our team at Pearl PT Lifestyle Medicine is trained in treating and preventing injuries. We work to identify how they occur, what conditions may contribute to them and work seamlessly with referring providers as needed. Each client is treated individually, making sure they reach their specific goals, and get them back in the game.

As we work through the recovery process, our PTs educate our clients to prevent re-injury or correct what may have led to the injury initially. We do all this using state-of-the-art technology and evidence-based techniques to get them back to game-ready performance as quickly and safely as possible.

Benefits of Sports Medicine Rehabilitation

Physical therapy plays a vital part in recovery. Our individualized programs can:

  • Prevent athletic injury by teaching correct biomechanics of movement to reduce the risk of developing abnormal strains on the body.
  • Offer immediate pain relief by providing a wide range of treatments such as using compression gear, kinesiotaping, BEMER therapy, Normatec Compression therapy, cryotherapy and more.
  • Improve recovery time from post-surgical procedures.  
  • Help to relax and loosen tight muscles after a long day of exercise.  
  • Improve physical function by providing therapeutic exercise to help strengthen weak muscles during recovery.  
  • Increase muscle and joint flexibility.  
  • Broaden scope of treatment to include whole person, total body support collaborating with our Exercise Specialists to help further support best health and recovery.

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