Pre-op and Post Surgical Care

Our services include care prior to and after surgery. Pre-operatively, we help prepare the client physically and mentally for an upcoming procedure to build baseline strength and range of motion (ROM) to improve outcomes after surgery. In some cases, patients can avoid surgery by addressing changes in biomechanics, strength, soft tissue health and ROM to restore their function.

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However, if surgery is ultimately indicated, having physical therapy after surgery will help to restore function and help reach movement goals. There may also have been movement dysfunction that led to surgery initially, and addressing these underlying impairments post surgically as well can improve outcomes and prevent breakdown elsewhere.
Pearl PT Lifestyle Medicine specializes in a wide array of post-surgical care, including after total joint replacements, arthroscopic joint repairs, spinal surgeries and repairs of bone fractures are among the many diagnoses that we address. We will develop an individualized program with the surgeon to help reach specific goals and restore function.

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