What is Pearl PT?

Believing strongly in the need to create an environment that offers high quality outpatient physical therapy service, based on individually designed programs unique to each client, Elizabeth Pearl opened Pearl Physical Therapy in 2009. The practice began on Court Street in Plattsburgh, New York and evolved into a group of physical therapists and support staff who are highly motivated, talented and positive thinking - passionate about helping our community live better, healthier lives.

From the first phone call to make an appointment to final appointments a client is treated with respect and a smile by all support and professional staff. A positive, fun-loving atmosphere prevails at Pearl Physical Therapy.

We don’t treat “patients”, we “serve” community members. We focus on helping others reach their wellness goals – not just to decrease pain, but to improve function and quality of life. We firmly believe that life is for the living and work daily to help others live their best day, every day.

Physical therapists (PTs) at Pearl Physical Therapy are highly trained professionals that integrate a whole body approach to improving one’s wellness.

We help clients improve motion and function. Reducing pain is always a goal. Our PT’s perform a thorough evaluation of one’s range of motion, strength, flexibility, muscle performance, posture, balance, function and soft tissue health. We look for deficits in both joint and soft tissue mobility. Our PTs work with clients on designing a comprehensive treatment plan to address their specific meaningful goals. Time is spent teaching clients about the physical challenge they face as well as discussing expected outcomes.

Using creative and innovative techniques that facilitate improved strength, stabilization, flexibility, posture, biomechanics and function, Pearl Physical Therapy works with community members daily on improving their wellness. The art of manual physical therapy is valued and is utilized in daily treatment sessions.

We invest our time and money on integrating technology and innovation into our treatments. We maintain a high standard of care with annual continuing education for all clinical staff. Embracing a well-rounded, holistic approach to wellness, Pearl Physical Therapy expanded in 2015 creating and becoming an integral member of Adirondack Integrative Wellness (AIW), LLC.

In efforts to continue to support small independent local business, Pearl Physical Therapy moved its office space to 135 S. Peru Street, the home of Adirondack Integrative Wellness (AIW). AIW houses professionals in physical therapy, acupuncture, nutrition and counseling - making a whole team approach as well as alternative wellness services available “under one roof”.

AIW was created to increase community exposure to the valuable services offered by independently owned wellness professionals dedicated to supporting optimal health and function.

We are proud to be using our skills to help optimize our community’s health, helping others to stay active and injury-free. Our job at Pearl Physical Therapy is to help our clients feel better – whether they are high-end athletes or those that are more sedentary. So, call us today to set up an evaluation by one of our many skilled PT’s and start feeling better today!

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