SmartFit Technology

New smartfit technology at pearl PT!

We utilize  new cutting edge technology in our office every chance we get. We've incorporated SMARTfit technology to provide the opportunity for any user to enhance their cognitive and motor performance simultaneously. The customization possibilities with this device make the opportunity for growth in and wellness limitless, and for users of all shapes, ages, sizes, and abilities. The unique focus on gamification that SMARTfit takes is essential in providing the user with endless games and activities.  And that’s not all! For every game and activity, the system provides immediate feedback with data on performance and progression. Specialized and personalized programs are also available for any of your goals such as…  

⭐ Cardio

⭐ Strength

⭐ Sport Specific Activities

⭐ Orthopedic Rehabilitation

⭐ Balance and Stability

⭐ Motor Control

⭐ Memory, Attention, and Processing

⭐ Youth Fitness

⭐ Active Aging  

Learn more about how you can utilize this great new technology at your next visit at our office! 

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